Rafyap Dizayn was founded in 2010 and has been working in the sector of RAF sector in 2010. The company has gained the principle of gaining absolute customer satisfaction through its management and working understanding. Our company adopts values ​​such as customer orientation, change and productivity in every field and every period of its activities as "corporate philosophy".

Since 2011 Rafyap Dizayn has focused on customer oriented production and marketing. Our company has started its strategy in its turn-key Raf and Project-oriented applications with its understanding of "timely and quality production".

Our company also exports its products to European countries, Russia, Central Asia, Turkic republics and African countries.

Rafyap Dizayn, which is based on establishing a long-term relationship based on trust with its basic principle, proves this with the total quality certificate ISO-9001 and TSEK certificates. It also has all certifications including the Hygiene Certificate for export.


With the help of our customers, translators and employees, to be one of the best shelf makers in Turkey and in the world.


Taking into consideration the changing and developing needs of our industry and satisfaction of all our stakeholders, we will closely follow technological developments without compromising the quality of product and service with contemporary management approaches and create differences with innovative breakthroughs.


Rafyap takes the honesty, perfection, effort and trustworthiness of the power managers and employees who need to reach their vision, from the financial resources that they have, in the cooperation of the customer and the environment.